Our Story

It all started when...

In 2015 I was invited into an exclusive club of superheroes by my nephews. During the interview process I was asked about my abilities and how they would serve the common human. I told them I can relieve the coffee drinkers of the world of the terrible effects of bad beans. Sour stomach, jitters, fatigue, stale and rancid beans, and wasted hard-earned money be gone -- Coffeeman is here!!

Spawning from a Bachelor's of Science in Health Studies, I found a niche where I could help others - teaching garden education at public schools and leading field trips to local, instructional organic farms. By day I found fulfillment in showing our future leaders how to master self-sufficiency skills and respectfully steward our precious planet. By night, I found joy in practicing the mastery of home coffee roasting. 

I began by borrowing a friend's unused hot-air popcorn popper, roasting 3-4 oz of beans at a time. I will NEVER forget the experience of grinding and brewing that first small batch of home-roasted beans. The flavor, aroma and freshness provided me with a warmth and joy I had never felt before and I've been drinking coffee since I was 16! Over several years I moved on to bigger equipment where I could produce a full bag's worth to last me through the week. At this point, family and friends were catching on to what I was doing and asked to try some samples. Before I knew it, I was supplying freshly roasted coffee to them as they, too, felt the difference between my beans and what they get from the store. I was fascinated so I put my research skills to work and compiled studies and data to explain why the beans I roasted were producing such a drastically positive experience for everyone who tried them. 

Perhaps the most significant information I found on my quest for understanding was the fact that, when optimally prepared, peak quality roasted beans are HEALTHIER FOR YOU! At this point I realized that this was as important a health issue to Americans as any other nutritional subject, and I decided to start NW Coffeeman as a means of providing product and knowledge to coffee drinkers around the world. I'm thrilled to journey with you!

Now, in August of 2016, I'm excited for the next evolution of NW Coffeeman. I've joined forces with a long-time friend and fellow entrepreneur, Bradley Joyce, to create Purissimo Coffee. Together, we look forward to bringing you joy with our unique roasts of always hand-sorted beans.

I love hearing from my customers! If you ever have a question or comment please use the Contact tab above to share your thoughts.

To the next cup,

Randy Wolsten \ Chief Roaster